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Wood Pellets A1 Premium Quality
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Wood Pellets A1 Premium Quality

оптовая цена
120 - 125 /тонна
Условия поставки: DAP
Sales Manager Victor
sales Manager
на Флагма с 8 ноября 2019


We offer to your attention wood pellets of the highest quality A1 of our own production. Our company LLC ETG (Euro Trader Group) has been specializing in the production of fuel briquettes and pellets from dry shavings (pine and spruce) in the European markets. Pellets are made from ecological raw materials without the use of any chemical impurities. The raw materials used for production are 100% conifers (pine and spruce). All goods are certified according to the international standards and undergo all the necessary lab testing. The quality of our goods and packaging meets the European consumer requirements.

High quality wood pellets (white) 6 mm in diameter, produced by using dried sawdust of coniferous tree. The pellets meet the strictest fuel requirements of the modern world with the lowest ash content, moisture, and calorific value. The fuel our company provides is completely clean as well as ecological and can be used for heating living and commercial premises by burning it in moderate-sized pellet stoves or solid fuel combustion appliances with automatic or manual feed fuel mixture.

Technical specs:
• Diameter – 6 mm
• Moisture (ar) – 6,54%
• Ash (ar) – 0,37%
• Net calorific value (ar) – 4 363 kcal/kg
• Gross calorific value (ar) – 5 011 kcal/kg

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на Флагма с 8 ноября 2019

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