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Unique dryer
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Unique dryer

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Csetneki Istvan Magyar
Hargita Wood, Kft,  Дебрецен, HU
на Флагма с 26 октября 2017


Our professional and commercial representation is provided of biomass dryers with outstanding properties. The first dryers put into operation about eight years ago, most of them work in continuous three shifts and did not have tomake overhaul anymore!

What are these outstanding attributes?

- Simultaneous drying and grinding.
- High water drainage. 40-45% withdrawal is performed for basic performance, but 75% (!) removal is also done for beer crumbs
- Speed dryer. According to own measurements, drying of 65% poultry manure to 10 % was only 2 (!) minutes.
- It's universal. It is suitable for all kinds of wood waste, agricultural waste, green medick, used mushroom compost, peat, animal manures - including poultry manure, watery manure, communal sewage mud.
- Special, unique. A hammer grinder is built into the dryer body, which basically changes the drying process.
- Non-stop humidity control - while on the go.
- The heat-generating furnace is also unique. Vegetable raw material is its fuel (sawdust, chips, agricultural waste, bark, hay, leaf etc.). In the first phase, it gasifies by pyrolysis and the gases are incinerated. Its efficiency is over 90%.
- It's reliable. It contains very few moving parts, with little breakdown. 3 years warranty!
- Due to the above, 30-40% less than heat and elektricity need to avoid water, as a cylinder or band dryer!
- The dried-milled material is directly processed into pellets or briquettes.
- Reduced prices, short deadline. We also undertake installation and starting.

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Hargita Wood, Kft,  Дебрецен, HU
на Флагма с 26 октября 2017
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