Small Cattle
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Small Cattle

оптовая цена
100 - 150 $/штука
Aob Asel Aob
sales Dept
,  Стамбул, TR
на Флагма с 21 марта 2018


Greenfield Incorporation can offer you sheep and goats for breeding and slaughter.

Goats and sheep are rearing for meat, wool and pelts, which are used in the food, textile and haberdashery industry respectively. Also in the dairy industry is very highly thought of goat's milk.

Our most popular breeds: Romanov and Aginskaya in the sheep farming, Zaanenskaya, Toggenburgskaya, Alpine and Boerskaya- in goat breeding.

Breeding is in the accordance the requirements of GOST R 52843-2007 (RF).

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,  Стамбул, TR
на Флагма с 21 марта 2018
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Aob Asel Aob
sales Dept
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