Saving energy consumption by 50% or more - it's real
Saving energy consumption by 50% or more - it's real - фото 1 Saving energy consumption by 50% or more - it's real - фото 2 Saving energy consumption by 50% or more - it's real - фото 3 Saving energy consumption by 50% or more - it's real - фото 4 Saving energy consumption by 50% or more - it's real - фото 5
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Saving energy consumption by 50% or more - it's real

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Хорьяков Владимир Владимирович
на Флагма с 26 января 2019


Our company is engaged in the innovative energy saving technologies development. These technologies are called STH-technology.

Our company produces a number of energy-saving units and systems using the STH technology in their work. In addition, the same equipment is produced under our license by our partners, both in Russia and in many other countries of the world.

Electric Power Regenerator (REM) is designed for electricity conservation consumed from an AC power supply by means of negative reacting power generation. This effect is possible due to transformation of reacting power, amplified by resonance, into active power.
We are often asked: "Where does this increase come from?" "
The answer is: we have found a way to select the power swung in the circuit without disturbing the quality of the circuit, but so far only in the form of the reactive componentBut we also developed a way to convert the selected reactive energy into active useful power and transfer it to the consumer.

- These technologies efficiency was confirmed in the leading institutions of Europe (as evidenced by the test reports).
- In Russia the system industrial designs have been already certified and tested in industrial conditions.
- All copyright rights reserved by our team and are protected by more than 30 patents.

Now the units: REM-100, REM 200, REM300, REM400, REM 600 kW are produced in our plant in Yekaterinburg in small volume.

However, the installation of REM - this is not all of our development. We have developed not a separate system, but a technology that can be used both in the REM system, autonomous power supply system, and also in many other units and systems of various types. This technology can also be integrated into energy-intensive systems from electric transport to blast furnaces.

Now we are going to expand production and are looking for serious partners.
We offer different ways for cooperation: from ordering equipment to production under our license and the creation of a joint venture.

Moreover, the form of our enterprise (International Science and Production Cooperative) considerably simplifies the work with our partners and makes it much more profitable for both parties.

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