Automation of management systems and logistics
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Automation of management systems and logistics

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Zabolotnikov Andrey
chief Executive Officer
MasterstrokeLTD, ООО,  Минск, BY
на Флагма с 23 апреля 2019


Who we are and what we can give to your business

Masterstroke LTD

Our company is engaged in optimization and increase of efficiency of technological, hardware, scientific processes, we improve business processes both within the company and between them. Our experts conduct an in-depth analysis of your business, identify its strengths and weaknesses, conduct statistical comparisons and determine the processes that are subject to reconstruction. Based on the information received, the company's specialists will be able to develop solutions that optimize and improve the efficiency of existing and working solutions, reduce the time spent searching for and processing information, improve product quality and reduce the staff involved in managing processes in an enterprise or office. Our team also develops algorithms and models that can collect, analyze a large array of data and make predictions. In the program part, we develop prototypes of control systems for moving mechanisms and devices, automated control systems and logistics.
Our company employs specialists in related specialties, each of which leads to several areas. Many of us have experience in other high-tech areas and successfully apply their knowledge and experience in the field of data science. A number of specialists and is currently engaged in research activities, is part of the scientific community and publishes its work.
Our team is able to cope with complex tasks that require an integrated approach to the study of problems, the use of non-standard solution practices, the search for a simple and effective solution.
Areas of activity with which we are closely related:
- oil and gas industry
- medicine and pharmaceuticals
- aviation industry
- logistics of sea transport
- banking
- ecology
- children's educational programs and systems
- internet of things
- media.

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MasterstrokeLTD, ООО,  Минск, BY
на Флагма с 23 апреля 2019

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Zabolotnikov Andrey
chief Executive Officer
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